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Loading processes require smooth material flows. For this reason, designers and planners throughout the world rely on LAWECO loading lift platforms due to their robust design and unlimited functionality.

Our modular design allows us to offer economical loading lift platforms meeting your specifications with short delivery times and, of course, with the proven LAWECO quality and maximised built-in safety.

 Additional information about our products

LAWECO loading lift platform

LAWECO loading lift platform

• with roll-off protection
• with gap protection
• with aluminium loading bridge 

LAWECO loading lift platform

LAWECO loading lift platform

• hot dip galvanised
• ready to install
• self-supporting ground frame

LAWECO loading lift platform

LAWECO loading lift platform

• all-round steel structure
• hydraulic loading bridge
• automatic levelling function

LAWECO loading lift

LAWECO loading lift

• hydraulic loading bridge
• gap protection with roller blinds
• extremely flat design

LAWECO loading lift plattform

LAWECO loading lift plattform

• hydraulic loading bridge
• heavy load performance
• massive door design

FAQ - Loading lift tables

Loading lift tables are used for lifting and lowering goods in in-house logistics. These units rely especially on sturdy, weather-proof technology to ensure problem-free operating processes. Various safety aspects, e.g. fall arresting systems, protection against walking under the unit and roll-off protection must also be taken into account. LAWECO loading lift tables are used wherever our modular design can provide high degrees of sturdiness and functionality.

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Loading lift tables are always lift tables that can also transport persons. For this reason, planning must include not just intralogistical matters and the ideal material flow but also measures for protecting operating personnel. Possible falling hazards and crushing and shearing edges must be considered beforehand. For this reason, the installation situation and the local conditions must be inspected. LAWECO offers a variety of protective devices/guards for customers to ensure optimum protection of operating personnel and meet all valid safety requirements. LAWECO will only issue a CE mark for its loading lift tables if all possible sources of danger are minimised by adequate protective measures based on an extensive risk assessment. Our field service staff is available to give expert advice at any time.
First and foremost, loading systems have to be reliable and sturdy. Hydraulic drive systems are best for meeting these requirements. Moreover, hydraulic solutions are significantly less expensive than, for instance, electromechanical drive concepts. However, LAWECO also offers flat belt and spindle lifting tables for loading as special solutions. In these cases, the specific application must be reviewed in detail to ensure the technical feasibility.
The time required for service and maintenance work depends strongly on the size of the lift table, its accessibility and, of course, on the extent of maintenance work required. LAWECO offers maintenance packages and long-term maintenance contracts for different services. These services range from oil and filter changes to replacement of cylinders and bearings. Ask our service department for a maintenance package tailored to your lift table.
In general, height differences of up to 1600 mm are overcome during loading. LAWECO also offers customised special solutions with significantly greater effective lifting heights. However, if the lift table is intended to transport persons and falling heights are greater than 3000 mm, special directives and regulations must be observed. Our loading specialists will be happy to advise you. Simply call +49 5772 202 -130.
The load-bearing capacity of LAWECO’s standard loading lift tables ranges from 1,000 kg to 8,000 kg. But special solutions with load-bearing capacities of more than 50,000 kg have also been designed in the past.
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