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Push-chain lift platforms

The innovative LAWECO CHAIN-LINE lifting platform technology unites all advantages of belts and spindles. Mechanically driven by a push-chain, this technology achieves maximum performances without the use of hydraulic oil.
Due to a particularly harmonious motion sequence and the excellent load change behaviour in each lift position, the CHAIN-LINE is the preferred solution for designers who place an extremely high value on efficiency and precision for their area of responsibility.

Unsurpassed precision
LAWECO push-chain lifting platforms convince with a load behaviour and maximum positioning precision which were almost unachievable in the past.


Unrestricted availability
Almost maintenance free, the robust and low failure construction permits fast component replacement.

Safety for the environment and employees
The intelligent design does without hydraulic oil. Optional contact rails and bellows increase safety.

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FAQ - Push-pull chain lifting table

A push-pull chain lifting table is an electromechanical scissor lifting table in which a push-pull chain connected to the scissor system generates the lifting and lowering movement. The push-pull chain is driven by a gear motor. Push-pull chain lifting tables are characterised by good load change behaviour and high positioning accuracy. They are frequently used in sensitive areas where hydraulic fluids are undesirable.

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In push-pull chain drives, a specially designed roller push-pull chain is raised to form a stable column by a gear motor. On request, catching cylinders operating in parallel can be installed to initiate an immediate stop of the lowering movement in the event of a chain failure. Just as in hydraulic in-line lifting tables, crushing hazards caused by the lowering movement can be prevented using safety contact rails, electronic components or bellows.
Due to their favourable load cycle behaviour, push-pull chain lifting tables, like spindle lifting tables, are highly suitable for complex plants that require extreme accuracy. In particular, the rebound behaviour often observed in hydraulic lifting tables during load changes is not an issue for push-pull chain lifting tables. In conjunction with electronic distance measuring systems, these lifting tables achieve a high positioning accuracy. Push-pull chain lifting tables are also used by the food industry and in hygiene applications where hydraulic oil cannot be used.
The time required for service and maintenance work depends strongly on the size of the lift table, its accessibility and, of course, on the extent of maintenance work required. LAWECO offers maintenance packages and long-term maintenance contracts for different services. These services range from lubricating the push-pull chain to replacement of the complete push-pull chain drive and bearings. Ask our service department for a maintenance package tailored to your lift table.
The standard range of LAWECO push-pull chain lifting tables ends at an effective lifting height of approx. 2000 mm.
The standard load-bearing capacity of LAWECO push-pull chain lifting tables covers loads of up to approx. 2000 kg. However, special solutions with several push-pull chain systems installed in parallel can be used for greater loads. Simply contact our technical sales department for advice. We would be glad to develop a customised solution for your application.
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